Cheep is about doing this living thing well, also cheap. Because this consumerist American life is making us numb, also broke. Cheep is about the real pursuit of happiness. Which is freedom. Also free stuff, or at least dramatically reduced sale prices.

Jessica Holmes is an independently-employed creative type living in Boise, Idaho. Jessica is a copywriter and real writer.

Think of Cheep as a debt-free philosophy combined with a shopping guide. A celebration of creativity and cunning under a frugal lens. A cheap perspective on the sensory and human experience. A fashion/décor/food blog by a diehard tightwad with expensive tastes and an environmental guilt complex.  A reflection on a sense of place, also open space. And a sharpening of the great engine of creativity, the mind, without which none of this would be possible (thank you).

Stay tuned here for frequent and fabulous cheap Cheep tips on décor, fashion, food, travel and more.