Month: June 2017

“Milkmaid in the Afterlife” outfit

In 2013, when my heart shattered apocalyptically, Spike Jonze filmed a live music video for Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife” starring Greta Gerwig. At the time (and now still), it seared my soul. It’s the timeless story of all that is lost and found in the wilderness—in a language only the heart and frenetic hand-flinging could tell. In the land before time, bored lord Krishna came down from the afterlife to frolic with (read: fuck) milkmaids. Commemorated here on silk in hand-painted glory, I stand by it now. I’m basically milking the afterlife. (If ya know what I mean. Nudge, nudge, wink wink, hairy hare Krishna.) Calvin Klein blue & black banded dress – $5.95, ReStyle | Steiger navy leather blue heels with brass eyelets – $7, ReStyle Cheep, Krishna Krishna, hubba hubba.  

“Cultural appropriation at its whitest” outfit

It’s not quite a feather headdress at Coachella, but it’s got some pale-ass(hole) interloper, Native American cache.  I went to Canyonlands in Utah last week, and hiked a trail called Aztec Butte (that I pronounced “Aztec butt” like a 13-year-old every-time I read it, but only in my head, because I have class-act self-restraint). These Puebloan granaries once held the life-sustaining provisions of desert-crossing native travelers. Now, they provide Instagram-aiming photo backdrops for desert-crossing white tourists. #manifestdestiny? Sideout Hawaiian floral print dress – $5.95, ReStyle made in USA! USA! (“Someday we’ll incorporate you into our fashion, and that’s reparations enough” – national slogan to the disenfranchised) | California Floppy Hat – gift from someone I don’t remember, made in USA! USA! | Grenedene gold flip flops – $10, Nordstrom’s Rack (appropriated from Ryan, who bought them for me) Cheep it up, all you travelers.