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“Bachelor meets Bachelorette” outfit

SAM_5550Ryan watched The Bachelorette with me tonight, which is the highest form of romance/torture, depending on your perspective. He gets my first impression rose.

f42889c8-73f0-449f-9224-57eb54a3c228.jpgRoz & Ali print dress – $0.75, Idaho Youth Ranch (I got a bag of stuff for $5, so I’m using the law of averages, as does the Bachelorette when measuring up some pretty average dudes) | gold & brown patent leather belt – $1.99, ReStyle | brown & bead woven bracelet – gift from Nicaragua | Steiger navy leather blue heels with brass eyelets – $7, ReStyleSAM_5563


“50 shades of sway” outfit

I went to a clothing exchange party last night, and my favorite find: black banded 5-inch heels.

So I spent the entire day in various shades of sway.

No tag sheer black with subtle deep purple & grey floral print dress w/ black slip – $5, I think, but I can’t remember where I got it | Heart in D black banded 5-inch heels – clothing exchange party, in trade for some seriously strange sequins gowns & tops (so priceless)

Cheep it to the left. Cheep it to the right. Fall down tonight.

“Cashmere, lace, gator, fur & feathers” outfit

Michael Howard – Fedoria purple wool hat w/ feather band & vintage patent alligator clutch (b-day gift from Ryan)

Plus passing cat.

I fell in love a spell ago so fell off of Cheep. Eep. Meet Ryan’s house—and his velvet painting underground.

I temporarily loaned my apt. to a lovely pair of musicians, Music Box, so this is my new studio. Love. I mean LOVE.

Jack Bloom California olive green wool jacket w/ fox fur liner – b-day gift from Ryan $80 @ 20% off for skirt/suit set, In Retrospect | Neiman Marcus cream cashmere sweater – $5,  ReStyle | Heart Soul creme lace skirt, $4, ReStyle | Frye Boots  $400 minus $200 Xmas gift from ‘rentsCheep, love. (Plus cat.)

“Velvet Underground” outfit

nicobanan2In the thick of the most intense snow and ice storms seen in Boise in decades, every morning I send a heat-seeking missile into my closet to find the thing that will cover me most thoroughly. I’ll forsake fashion for warmth like a caveman, when the temperature drops below 20 degrees.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of velvet jumpsuits, in the case of my particular closet. Like I’m a sexy 70’s cavegirl, found perfectly preserved (and voguing) under this ice block.

vintage 1970s Ronni Nicole Petite by Ouida black velvet jumpsuit – $30, Red Light Clothing Exchange (Portland, OR)Banana Republic cream lace camisole, ReStyle, $3 | leopard print rubber boots – gift, from Jane Newby (New York) | Black & gold arrow banded belt – $0.94, ReStyle thrift storesam_5292

Cheep Jane.

“Office holiday party” outfit

mad-men-season-4Red hot with some solid gold balls. Working it.

Disclaimer: Not actually my office holiday party outfit, which had a flashy sewn-in pearl collar, as one often sees in the workplace. 

vintage Pendleton red wool skirt – $5, I can’t remember which thrift store; Mei Ji Li Na gold polka dot on black poly-mesh turtleneck top – $3, ReStyle thrift store | Frye deep brown leather riding boots – $125,


Vinyl of the Holiday Party: I talked my work into having a vinyl-themed holiday party, and we all dug “The Nutcracker,” so Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” is the closest thing I have at home.

“The forest for the trees” outfit


Nod to the haunting forest wallpaper of my early ’80s childhood.

Can’t you see it?

Backstage blue lace tank dress, $12 – LUX Fashion Lounge | Material Girl blue mist trees leggings, $2 – Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | vintage 1970s/1980s Needles and Yarn white pastel pull over, Free, clothing exchange party at Serendipity |  Minnetonka studded boots, $30 (on sale), Red Village or something in the middle of nowhere, Utah

Album of the day: The Grateful Dead, Europe ’72


Cheep it from the treetops.

“Pilgrim’s progress” outfit


From This World to That Which Is to Come; Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream” – subhead of Pilgrim’s Progress

Why is it—with all our privileged pilgrim’s progress and all our fever dreams of thanksgiving—that we always have to look back, repeating, “What have we done?”

vintage, label cut off sheer tan & pink tie-collar peacock dress – $35, Pursuing Andie online vintage boutique | vintage Lorraine bright pink petticoat – $3, ReStyle thrift store | Minnetonka studded leather boots, some gift shop place in the deserts of Utah (last season sale), $30

cheep_pilgrimsprogressVinyl of the day: Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan

Cheep, all you pilgrims.