Month: August 2015

“Generic Landscape Hotel Art” outfit

It speaks of bland escapes. Vacations hinged on chain hospitality. The birds of the beach and the brushstroke green of the backcountry as seen on the walls of a Motel 6 in the middle of nowhere. I can blend in anywhere. I’m a total wallflower. Who put a bird on it. Collective Concepts green & gray dress, $15 (LUX). Black Rainn sheer bird shirt, $14 (Serendipity Boutique). Kate Spade nude wedges, $70 (ROSS Dress for Less in Portland, originally $300). Gold & glass landscape necklace, $5, Idaho Youth Ranch. Gold bracelet combo, gifts from sisters. Album of the Day: “Inner Space” by Chick Corea Cheep!

“Light Adjustments” outfit

I run (albeit slowly) in the foothills at sunset. (I know that sounds sketchy (mom), like the first line you’d hear on an episode of Dateline NBC.) I’ve been digging for fire. I’ve been seeking out the Golden Hour. Those bright, illuminated moments—somehow strikingly different with every waking (and winking) day—right before and after the rise and the fall. I always feel my timing is off. That I’m perpetually running behind the most brilliant moments. Just catching the glimpse of the aftershock, colors fading to muted desert greens and purples. But it still counts. The fading light captures me, instead. Hawaiian Moon sage green silk dress, gifted. Two overlapped “genuine” leather belts, one gray (Idaho Youth Ranch-$5.75), one leopard print (Restyle, $2). Kenneth Cole strappy platforms, $7 (Serendipity Boutique). 2 overlapped bracelets, both gifted to me by my sisters. Vinyl of the Day: Simon & Garfunkel Vol. 1 Cheep!

“Push It Real Good” outfit

Mirrors ’80s plaid top with sheer sleeves and tie waist, Serendipity Boutique, $6 Gloria Vanderbilt black shorts, Serendipity Boutique, $4 DKNY black and white suede platforms, Idaho Youth Ranch, $20 2 different dangling earrings, Idaho Youth Ranch & Eyes of the World, for asymmetry After 7 years of working alone, I decided go on the rent-a-coworker installment plan. Meaning, I decided to rent a desk at a downtown PR agency, where there’s both hub and bub. I wore this outfit for my “first” day of “work.” It would probably be inappropriate in any other business context than an ad agency or ’80s rap band, and that’s one of the reasons why I love my chosen profession, copywriting, and moonlighting as Pepa in a tribute hair/short-shorts band (this last part is a bald-faced lie). Vinyl of the Day: “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor (I’m doing my best enigmatic Sweet Baby James face.)