Year: 2011

Adventure fashion on Frivolous Universe

Fashion is a frivolous universe. Go on. Wear it out. Bethany Walter, my dear friend and Armor Bijoux jewelry dealer, had the idea for a collective fashion blog. Dubbed “Frivolous Universe” by Kelly Lynae (inspired by a line in this post), we launched just 2 weeks ago, and have been having wickedly good times. So, I’m lady Thursday on Frivolous Universe. I’ll be using this platform for fancier pictures and more detail shots. But the cheap, Cheep vibe will run right through. Check it out.

Cheep story-time EARTH

[Prologue: So this is the story I wanted to tell tonight at Story Story Night. I left a few crucial things out in the live telling, but that’s the nature of the beast. But, from what I’ve learned, the journey is the destination, anyway. So spin it however you want. I have abbreviated names to somewhat to protect the innocent, and the not so innocent.] This is a story about wildness, and wilderness, and about what really happens when you sow your wild oats, and are later forced to reap that sometimes bitter fruit. For me, the wild sowing really started when, at 20, I fell in the love for the first time with my first lover, perhaps the worst possible person to pair with my virginal, idealistic young soul. Let me explain. My upbringing was very sort of Dr. James Dobson Focus on the Family Christian. When time came for sex ed, it was abstinence-only all the way, baby. We used to have these sex ed books for young Christian teens. They were chose …

Outfit of the Day: Sept. 23, 2011

I love me a jumpsuit on a Friday. This gem (I mean check out those cufflinks), magically, is from the same Idaho Youth Ranch run we’ve been highlighting all week. Today Dan and I were on Thomas Paul‘s exquise Radio Boise show for Story Story Night. I also need to ride my bike to work my ass off, quite literally. And then attend a birthday cocktail hour at the Gamekeeper. Then the grand opening of Pengilly’s with Jeremiah James. And then work my ass off again. But you know what? A good jumpsuit makes it all happen, baby. Outfit breakdown: JR Nites by Caliendo jumpsuit: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden. I love these old brand names) Accessories breakdown: Black clutch: $10 (Renewal) United Colors of Benetton green suede belt: $0.99 (ReStyle-Orchard + Overland) Steve Madden green suede kitten heels: $20 (Ross Dress for Less) Armor Bijoux epic necklace: undisclosed Total cost: $34.74 Cheep sauce. 2 Quick Tips: 1-Renewal has a rack of clutches by their cash register they sell for about $10-$12 or less. They are typically …

Man Cheep with Dan, Sept. 22, 2011

The story of Dan‘s girlfriend-enforced (that’s me) wardrobe transformation odyssey is too harrowing and cliff-hangery to go into now, but suffice it to say, whew. Man Cheep is not easy. But now, I do nothing. Dan is, at heart, admit it goddammit, an instinctual, skillful and playful dresser. I sometimes think it’s useful to define a sum-up phrase for yourself to help you easily sort through a wide array of styles and options. Dan’s phrase, after much deliberation, is “rockstar sophisticate.” It’s done us well. So, as the ladies shopped at the Idaho Youth Ranch this weekend, Dan found some steals of his own, perfect for his rockstar lifestyle. Outfit breakdown: J. Rent Ltd.  jacket: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden, half-off orange tag sale. Custom tailored for Philip E. Batt according to the stiching. Dahmmmmn.) Pyke Ltd. shirt: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden) Natural Issue pants: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden. Doesn’t that brand sound like a bowel movement?) Some sort of shoes that are probably straight-up Cheep. Total cost: $11.25 Secret #1 to Man Cheep: Fit, not …

Outfit of the day: Sept. 20, 2011

Like yesterday’s vision in blue, this dress comes from the weekend’s Youth Ranch run. Still bearing the original tags from 20-30 years ago, this dress was made by the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union in the USA. Damn ladies. Nice work. I feel like I’m on the set of Mad Men, which is what I aim for (at least in my head) most days. I am Peggy Olsen redux, copywriter for the 21st century. Outfit breakdown: Connections dress (new! but vintage): $5.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden) Banana Republic belt: sale $18, MSRP $80 Accessories breakdown:  Steve Madden bondage sandles: $12 (Ross Dress for Less) Total cost: $35.75 Cheep! Now carry on.

Outfit of the Day: Sept. 19, 2011

I have an epic busy Monday, one week to go to the premiere of Story Story Night at our new venue, the Rose Room, at which I’m telling a story that I still need to pull together, but first I’ll teach the Story Story Studio tonight, but not before I execute a few rush projects for my copywriting business. But first, I Cheep. I wanted to show you another blue silk beauty. I got this yesterday while shopping for Story Story Night stage design. Fall is going to be bad ass. Outfit breakdown: Jorie 100% silk blue dress: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden) Accessories breakdown: United Colors of Benetton green suede belt: $0.99 (ReStyle-Orchard + Overland) Steve Madden green suede kitten heels: $20 (Ross Dress for Less) Armor Bijoux epic necklace: undisclosed peacock bracelet: $5 (Buffalo Exchange-Albuquerque, NM) Total cost: $29.74 Yes, I cut the shoulder pads out of this one too. Easy, breezy, current girl.

Outfit of the day: Sept. 2, 2011

Today, I signed the lease for my first legit office space in the Union Block building downtown. I am calling this phase in my life the rose period. (Like Picasso’s rose period, I am hoping for an uptick in circus people.) Story Story Night is moving to the Rose Room. And I am ready to bloom. And I’m bringing Cheep with me. The previous phase in my life was dubbed the blue period on the occasion of my 27th birthday. As a send off to these last 4 years, I give you this vision in blue. Outfit Breakdown: Liz Claiborne 100% silk two-piece blue suit w/ shorts: $7.50 (Idaho Youth Ranch-250 N. Orchard Boise, ID 83706) Tess Studio silk cami: $1.99 (ReStyle-5326 Overland Road, Boise, Idaho 83705) Total outfit cost: $9.49 Accessories Breakdown: Agate (or whatever stone this is) necklace: $8 million Turkish lira (circa 2004, so about $6) RipCurl watch: $36, original MSRP $109 (from Whiskey Militia) Silver/gold/bronze bracelet: FREE as permanently borrowed gift from sister (Cheep!) Bandolino blue pumps: $19 (Ross Dress for Less-mall area) Total …