Month: July 2016

“Tropic Heat” outfit

I was just lying in bed—nearly extinguished from a a real scorcher of a day—mulling over that burning eternal question. Should I take off my prickling bra, or bust out a fashion blog? Hot topic. (But not the one at the mall.) vintage Paradise Style Hawaii, $5, Restyle thrift store | Red belt with leather and brass cross section, $2, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Steve Madden red leather kitten heels, $7, ReStyle thrift store Cheep it up. (PS: The bra went up in flames, metaphorically, seconds after this picture was taken.)

“Cruel, Cruel Summer” outfit

“The city is crowded | My friends are away | And I’m on my own It’s too hot to handle | So I got to get up and go  It’s a cruel, cruel summer | Leaving me here on my own | It’s a cruel | It’s a cruel cruel summer | Now you’re gone | You’re not the only one” – Bananarama Amulet black and dried-blood-colored dress, gift from BFF (She bought it in Berlin from “Marcello, my vintage Italian dealer,” which is one dealer you want to have on speed-dial) | Banana Republic twisted black and tan leather slip-on heels, $4, Gold Mine thrift store (Ketchum, ID) | WCM New York genuine python tan belt $4.75 – Idaho Youth Ranch Cheep!

“Tiptoe Through the Tulips” outfit

“Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray | We’ll keep the showers away | And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight | Will you pardon me? | And tiptoe through the tulips with me” – Tiny Tim Gap acid yellow & purple gray blouse | vintage, handprinted tagless grass green wrap skirt, free, ladies’ clothing exchange | Cindy Says green-gold hells, Piece Unique, $I can’t remember but they were half off    Cheep!

“Summer Puddle” outfit

Iridescent sheen and murky waters. Sami New York purple silk camisole (that you can only really see when up close), $3, ReStyle | Banana Republic pale green sheer linen tank (ribbed for her pleasure) | vintage Pendleton brown plaid light wool jacket, gift from Bend, OR-thrifting-based BFF | Anne Klein II tan silk skirt, $4, ReStyle thrift store | Cindy Says green-gold hells, Piece Unique, $I can’t remember but they were half off | Green agate stone three strand necklace, $8,000,000 Turkish lira (in 2004, this was like, $6), Istanbul street vendor Cheep!

“Boom Boom Room” outfit

Late, late at night, possibly intoxicated, deep in a “how do I get my apartment to look less like that of an 80-year-old woman?” decor binge, I bought this very strange…ottoman…from Etsy, at a shop called the Boom Boom Room. It looks like a merkin attached to a millennial’s wet dream. Love it or hate it, I am transfixed. No Boundaries off-white mock-turtleneck tank, $3.75, Idaho Youth Ranch | KE II by Gianna flower print skirt, $4, Idaho Youth Ranch | Guess black with gold buckle stilettos, $11, Idaho Youth Ranch | 1920’s Afghanistani silver and colored glass necklace, Armor Bijoux, $$$. Free bonus pic (sans the millennial merkin). PS: I wore some BOSS outfits this week and I’m sorry you missed them. Cheep!

“Blush rose” outfit

The blush is still on this rose, bitches. vintage Liz Clairborne pale rose print silk shirt, $5, Gold Mine thrift store (Sun Valley) | Rampage woven brown leather belt, $2, Idaho Youth Ranch | Loila blush pink lace skirt, $16, Lux Fashion Lounge | Kate Spade nude wedges with gold studded bow – $70, ROSS Dress for Less in Portland (originally $300) Cheep!