I occasionally make up words, so when I do, I’ll add them here as a Cheep•ference.

Boutique cast-off: An article of clothing that once resided in a high-end boutique that went out of business (or couldn’t offload it) so that is now in a second hand store with the original tag at a scandalous price.

Cheep: A bird makes this sound, and so should you, when you see something stupid cheap. Cheep is about maintaining freedom while celebrating the sensory world of human experience.

Cheep•tainment: The nirvana-like achievement of cheap entertainment.

Craplastic: An amalgam word meaning crap-ass-plastic that you should shun and never buy.

Fugly: A delicate, yet descriptive morphing of f*cking and ugly.

Man Cheep: Cheap fashion sense by and for men (and the women who love them).

Martha mood: When you feel the urge to go hard-core, no-holds-barred Martha Stewart.

MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (never pay this).

Procrasticleaning: Like, I really want to get that report done, but what’s that…dust on the hardwood under the couch? Seriously, I can’t work under these conditions. Let me get my shamwow.