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Outfit of the Day: Jan 02 10

Outfit of the Day - Sunday of the New Year

My fashion interpretation of a quirky and optimistic Sunday. Bright, hip and comfortable–with glasses.

Outfit Breakdown:

JohnPaulRichard shirt: $10 (MSRP $38 from Macy’s)

[Blank] stretch jeans: $5 (from LUX)

Outfit Total: $15

Accessories Breakdown:

Gold bird necklace: $22.50 (from Antique World Mall)

Steel earrings: $3.25 (from downtown Idaho Youth Ranch)

Vintage costume bracelet: $1 (from Antique World Mall)

Gold/copper/silver bracelet: permanently borrowed from sister

Merrell fleece-lined boots: $15 (MSRP $80, from REI garage sale)

Accessories Total: $41.75

Total: $56.75

In a life lived well, time is of the essence. The Cheep life might seem like it takes an inordinate amount of time. But it doesn’t have to. Part of being successful in Cheep is planning ahead and preparing.

So keep tabs on your closet weak points and know your Cheep hot spots. Examples: The “50-75% off the lowest marked sale price” racks at Macy’s, or the half off rack outside of LUX downtown. When you have an errand to run, park strategically so that you can pass by the Cheep hot spots. Then do a quick skim for the screamingest deals that fill your fashion holes. DO NOT become distracted by the non-cheap or the items-you-half-too-many-of-already (like black dresses). This is a distraction will waste your time and inevitably your money.

Cheep fashion is about the gradual accumulation of a mixable, long-lasting wardrobe strategically built over an extended period of time. It doesn’t happen in a day, but  it doesn’t need to take all day, either.

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