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Outfit of the Day: January Story Story Night

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Just in time for dieting, resolutions and self-improvement projects, Story Story Night held HOOKED: Stories of Cravings and Compulsions on Jan. 31, 2011, with three incredible featured storytellers (including the inimitable Al Blank) followed by an open story slam. For Story Story Night (I’m the co-founder, host, copywriter and marketing director of this wildly popular monthly live storytelling program), I try to dress to fit (however obliquely) the theme. I also always try to photograph my outfit for Cheep right before, but never fail to run completely out of time. Fortunately, our photographer Will Jones snapped some stellar stage shots of this stellar dress.

Because my dieting, resolutions and self-improvement projects fizzled out, I did not wear the amazing blue sequin mini-dress I bought at The Youth Ranch for $6.50. Maybe in 20 pounds.

Instead, I wore one of my most fabulous Cheep deals.

Outfit Breakdown:

Red Calvin Klein dress: $22, original MSRP $200 (new from LUX)

Accessories Breakdown:

Necklace: $7.50 (from Antique World Mall)

Armor Bijoux bracelet: Gift (from Bethany Walter, designer and jewelry diva)

RipCurl watch: $36, original MSRP $109 (from Whiskey Militia)

Nine West pumps: $20, original MSRP $80 (from some Macy’s-bought fail of a department store)

Total Cost: $85.50. Cheep!

This dress is unbelievably hot. It was about 5 or 6 inches too long when I found it, which is why, I’m assuming, some rich bitch cast it off unworn to LUX. I had to get it tailored, which more than doubled the cost. (Resolution: Learn to sew.) Still though, it had the original tag, and when I looked up the SKU number online, it was a $200 dress, a bombshell steal. And if you go back to Outfit of the Day: Dec. 18 2010, that’s the silk buttonhook belt that came with this dress. When I wear it with this dress, I look a bit like a fashion-forward bridesmaid, but it works magic for other looks. Sometimes, the included belt is a total Cheep bonus.

Do you compulsively crave bargain shopping? Me too. Let’s stay HOOKED together.

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