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Story-time: Cezanne in Russia

My ass, hosting LIVING WITHOUT in November 2010. (Photo by Erica Sparlin Dryden)

I’m a story addict. Seriously. I dope myself up on the stuff until I just can’t take anymore and then I take some more. I especially like when people read stories aloud. I listen to David Sedaris and Anthony Bourdain (my current out-loud favorites) books on tape over and over and over again until their petulant yet hilarious voices permanently seep into the drywall, emitting the odor of sarcasm.

It’s a reason I am a co-founder of Story Story Night. Free, unfiltered access to stories every month? Yes, please.

So today, I’m introducing a new feature called Cheep Story-time. This will feature original non-fiction and fiction stories by yours truly, Jessica Holmes (or as Dan points out I say on Story Story Night podcasts “Jess-ka Holmes,” or as once known to my then toddler sister “Ca Ca”), a self-acclaimed serious bad ass writer. And they won’t be boring, promise. They will be good stories, read loud. Cheep-tainment, baby!

AUDIOCheep Story-time by Jessica Holmes: Cezanne in Russia

The above story recounts my move, as a naive, idealistic 18-year-old, to Russia. It was a podcast teaser for Story Story Night’s November 2010 theme, LIVING WITHOUT: Stories of Letting Go. If you listen to the end (past the credits) you can hear me sing a Russian song.

Get hooked.

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