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FASHION: Independence Day

Dan and I spent July 4 playing with fire. Starting with misfires, as the bike-to-a-party plans faded into a flat. Instead we grilled up locally-sourced burgers and sweet potato fries, toasted champagne, and fired up our new portable steel fire pit recently acquired from Grocery Outlet ($70).

Then, a photo session devolved into a fiery dorkdom. En guarde.

Jessica Outfit Breakdown:

Scarlett red silk dress: FREE (gift from Kelly Lynae)

pale pink undershirt: $1 (Restyle thrift store)

Total outfit cost: $1
Jessica Accessories Breakdown:

Tibetan turquoise, coral and beaded breastplate: $140 (Armor Bijoux)

Silver and turquoise dangly earrings: FREE (gift from Anna D.)

Etienne Aigner pale pink shoes: $10 (Ross Dress for Less)

Total accessories cost: $155

Thankfully, dorks are often quite adorable.

Paired with totally sci-fi awesome.

Beam me up, Cheep.

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