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FASHION: Velvet Jumpsuit + Cat Man

I bought this Carreau Sport black velour zip-up jumpsuit ($4, Restyle thrift store) on a thrifting adventure with Bethany. It achieves a Forever Lazy adult -footed fleece pajama comfort level, but makes less of a sad commentary on the state of American society. Instead, I felt perfectly zhizam! and vavavoom on a quick run out to catch the tail end of Dan’s gig last weekend.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren black suede, studded wood mules ($5, Good Samaritan; approximate MSRP, $100). Practically never worn, these shoes kick ass and I can just barely walk normal in them even. Score!

The rad is in the details. A gold star for a zipper. Yes, please. A Tibetan turquoise, coral and beaded breastplate ($140, Armor Bijoux, an ethnic and vintage jewelry collection by Bethany Walter). Done, now blowing minds. Whoop, there it is.

This is what Dan wore to his gig, but with an awesome beat-up leather cowboy hat. Up close, the shirt has lovely details, a little flare and good tailoring with pearl buttons.

Another thing about Dan, he is the “cat whisperer.” Especially with Oliver, they are soulmates. Every photo I took of the two, their expressions mirrored one other. Like the squint above.

The quick look stage right.

The fuzzy, fuzzy, purr, purrrrr.

Aw. I love these boys. Now if Dan would only pet my velour jumpsuit instead. Meow.

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