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“Tonight Will Be More Fun Than Last Night” outfit

iht-godard-hertzbergTonight, someone said my look reminded her of the actress and activist Jean Seberg, wearing a New York Herald Tribune t-shirt, in the Jean-Luc Godard classic French New Wave film, “Breathless.”

I replied with compliment-triggered paroxysms and (only in my head in a terrible accent), “Bien. Merci.”

Hugo Buscati Collection red silk circus jacket, $8, Restyle | Cheap ass black leggings, $25 for a 2 pack, Costco | ‘Tonight will be more fun than last night’ silk-screened t-shirt, $3.75, Idaho Youth RanchGuess stilettos, $11, Idaho Youth Ranch | Geode gold necklace, $68 @ 20% off (I can’t do math, OK), Bricolage

Then we danced frenetically to the Boise-based Basque rock band, Amuma Says No.

Because this place is awesome. And there is an afterlife. Tonight will be more fun than last night. You called it again, t-shirt.

Even if it means your house still remains a sty 4 days post Story Story Night.

Vinyl of the Day: “Treasure Island” by Keith Jarrett


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