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“Layer Cake NY” outfit

2012_05_08_999_147.neopolitan-cakeI’ve had a bit of a hard time with the winter, in the fashion/spirt sense.

But it’s New Year’s. Time for a radical shift. Time to sweat the details. Time for resoluteness even in the aftermath of all those abandoned resolutions.

2015 was a layer cake. Not always sweet. Not often savored. But something to bite into.

Now in the midst of the ice and the gray, I deck myself in color and texture and prints. Layered with patagucci and a fur. Ready to face an icy NYE. Ready for anything.

SAM_4206Sakowitz fur coatgift from Anna Demetriades (and her step-grandmother, who had this custom made, probably in the 30s or 40s if I was a tag psychic)  |  Frye “Paige” riding boots, $120 at LUX Fashion Lounge (MSRP: $388)

KE II by Gianna flower print skirt, $4, Idaho Youth Ranch | Red leather with brass cross-section belt, $2, Idaho Youth Ranch | Jones New York print jacket, $3, Idaho Youth Ranch


Patagonia black-and-white striped capilene thermal leggings, $20 (sale!), Idaho Mountain Touring | Sami New York purple silk camisole, $3, ReStyle | Lily White black lace top, $3.75, Idaho Youth Ranch

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