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“Man Repeller no. 451” outfit

Dedicated to the real Man Repeller.

2.Izannah Walker Christmas Party from Antique Doll Collector resized

Or “How to lose a guy(‘s boner) in one dress,” if this were a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson and a flaccid Matthew McConaughey.

I wore this tonight to Story Story Night‘s REALiTY BiTES: Stories of Eating It. Opening the show, I mentioned that guys can’t quite put a finger on it. And while they might play around with the idea that this dress resembles something a schizophrenic grandma would sew for her antique prairie doll collection, they know one thing for certain: They do not want to have sex with it.

And to that I say, touché. But I shall wear it anyway.

SAM_4361vintage Diane Fre’s purple print ruffle dress, $14.99 – Idaho Youth Ranch | Steve Madden black leather mules, $39 – Nordstrom’s Rack | White tassel earrings, birthday present

This is my kiss off face. Quoth Amy Poehler, “I don’t care if you like it.” (I also included a cat and a doll collection in this post to up my man repellant street cred.)

SAM_4348PS: So I posted this on the social medias this weekend…

“Found 2 glorious Diane Fre’s dresses at the Idaho Youth Ranch for $14.99 each, and I’m not gonna lie, this is how I get off most Saturdays.”

And some witty peeps came up with brilliant companion hashtags in the comment section. So please add these to your Twitter lexicon.

#thrifterbation   #vintjaculation   #retrOhOhOhOh   #multiplescoregasm


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