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“Kodachrome” outfit

Kodachrome / They give us those nice bright colors. / They give us the greens of summers. / Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day. / I got a Nikon camera. / I love to take a photograph. / So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.

Kodachrome_big-650x388For years, in the spring, my BFF Amanda and I have gone to the deserts of Utah to backpack. This year, deep on the road to Escalante, the weather did not abide. Rain, rain everywhere. Every road with a wash and every slot canyon (so nearly every route available) became a flash flood hazard.

So we spontaneously found a little state park called Kodachrome. Like the Paul Simon song. It’s a wonderland. Where the natural wonders mostly resemble penises.


We hiked most of the park yesterday, and ran every single trail remaining this morning. Breathtaking. Arches. Canyons. Views. Spires. Phallic symbols hard-pressed from 180 million years of geologic history. By in a flash.

H&M red knit sweater, $4. Unlabeled flower print ’90s skirt, $3.75. BCBGirls leather strap-on kitten heels, $7.


August silk black camisole (slightly ripped), $2.

This outfit allowed me to fully change out of my soggy running clothes in the middle of a trailhead parking lot surrounded by Mormons.