“Playing Church Hooke(r)y” outfit

web banners-01-1The river is motion, turmoil, rage. As the river flows, it wonders what it would be like to be so still, to take a breath, to rest. But the rock will always wonder what lies around the bend in the stream.– Kekla Magoon

I wore this Monday to host the debut of Story Story Late-Night (the black sheep of the storytelling family) finding it just hours before at Lux. It’s somehow slutty and demure at the same time—with a low lace front and naked back, bottomed by four boner-killing tiers of delicate gray ruffles. Positively shameless. It’s a delightful contradiction. As are we all.Cheep_0627_2016

vintage 1980s Jessica McClintock lace & silk gray ruffle dress, $16.99, Lux Fashion Lounge | Nine West gray snakeskin heels $3.95 all leather upper; made In Brazil, ReStyle thrift store