“Day at the Regatta” outfit

43985bcf1b7b7a76a83916e30ed8e41dOutfit names just come to me like saintly voices to Joan of Arc. I have no choice. I do my duty—and take the designations as they come.

Day at the regatta.* It sounded so yachting. So seaside seersucker East Coast-y. So gimlets** on the dock, bwah-haw-haw-ty. So then I googled it, and the image spread was somewhere between the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and Girls Gone Wild.

I guess regattas aren’t as classy as they used to be.

vintage I. Magnin & Co. buttoned up striped dress – $20, Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale – previously sported by Boise artist Erin Cunningham (I fashion blogged about her!) | Enamel blue flame earrings – Gift, Cuba via my smuggler/friend Jeff CramerSteiger navy leather blue heels with brass eyelets – $7, ReStyle

On side table: vintage navy leather clutch – $8, Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale – previously sported by Danielle Hurd Nine West cream sunglasses – Free, In Retrospect b/c they were in the lost & found bin for more than a month and I’m crafty as fuck


Word guide for non-classy types:

* Regatta: a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races. informal An excuse to slut it up while soaked in white privilege and alcohol.

** Gimlet: a cocktail of gin (or sometimes vodka) and lime juice.