“Ivanka Trump’s bidet” outfit

fb_thumb_56543df80f712Do you ever have that not so fresh feeling? Maybe you’ve got a real douche bag on your hands.

We all feel a little unclean after this political season. But especially for Ivanka Trump—that enigmatic scion—all the gold-plated bidets & all the gaudy bathroom wallpaper & all the pussy bows in the world can’t wash that icky feeling away. (The above facial expressions made by imagining Donald is my creep dad.)

But you can still wash your hands clean. Vote!

cheepivanka2vintage Joan Curtis pussy bow gaudy print dress (just imagine it as Ivanka Trump’s childhood bathroom wallpaper, because that’s what I did), $15 – Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale | Shoe Strings red leather shoes made in Spain, $8 – Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale

Photography by Kim Philley. 

Voting is cheap, cheep!