“winter in the tropics (aka Antiques Coat Show)” outfit

0604305167fb777db46e317a507e617cThis winter has been unseasonably warm. Not quite naked-outside-in-a-hammock warm but maybe oh-shit-is-this-global-warming? warm or there-would-be-no-balls-shrinking-in-this-polar-bear-plunge warm.

Since I won’t be wearing these beautiful wool and fur creations in the wild anytime soon, I showed them off in the spare room I now call the “tropical oasis”—a nome de plumage stemming from the vintage illustrations on these custom-printed blinds I bought from Etsy-Greece. One shade covered the door in my recently-departed apartment. So I got it a companion palm so it wouldn’t feel all deserted-island up in here.

The tropical illustrations are from Historia naturalis palmarum—an early 1800s triptych travelogue through Brazil and Peru by a German botanist—illustrated exotically.

SAM_6255circa 1960s – no label except for Bolura: Exclusive Fabric from California cream long coat w/ fur collar. (whisper *exlusive*) Christmas gift from Ryan. Victoria’s Secret botanical nightgown w/ lace & pearl details, $5 – ReStyle (I washed it first, OK?) .

SAM_6245circa 1970s? – no label black short textured wool coat w/ fake fur collar & cuff. I can’t remember where I got this (Antique World Mall?) but it was some cheap beautiful thang.

SAM_6316circa 1960s –  no label save for 100% Cashmere: Dry Clean Only red long coat, $12 – Idaho Youth Ranch. SAM_6270circa 1980s – no label wool long coat w/ subtle red, white and yellow check pattern – $54, Antique World Mall.