“Tiptoe through the Sawtooths” outfit

This vintage postcard sits on my desk at work. Ryan and I camped out on the patch of green on the far side. The fashion photo features the unnamed lake hidden right behind this one-mile glacially-carved wonder called Sawtooth Lake.

Through the Sawtooths. That’s where I’ll be. So tiptoe through the Sawtooths with me.

Call this glamping, backpacking-style. This black w/ gold & silver metallic polka dot dress ($5 but gift from friend – Mountain Home thrift store (and now so worn-out it’s practically see-through) always reminds me of something a superhero would wear on her off time. Wonder Woman’s Lululemon collection.

Record Exchange black & white old-school trucker hat (pilfered from Ryan’s collection, returned dirtier).

Cheep it ’til it’s jagged.