Year: 2018

“Fair game” outfit

“Most intriguing is the link of camouflage to Cubism and its breaking down of the body in modern art. Picasso exclaimed on seeing a camouflaged canon in Paris: “It was us who created that.” While in conversation with Jean Cocteau, he said: “If they want to make an army invisible at a distance, they only have to dress their men as harlequins.”—NY Times (Hiding or hunter?) Now you see me. Now you don’t.Bushlan (c) 1989 South Texas Camouflage hunting shirt/mini-dress (with original tag still on) – $8,Once Upon a Time Thrift Store | In Moda gray stirrup leggings – $3, Idaho Youth Ranch | unlabeled patent leather & brass hook belt – $2, ReStyle thrift store | Jeffrey Campbell tan & black heels – $45, Piece Unique boutique

Crouching Bandwagon, Hidden Tiger

Grrrrrrr…eat. Sometimes, I have trouble jumping on bandwagons. So I wear this hidden tiger dress when I’m feeling a little savage. It’s blend-into-the-background wild. (I also just realized that Tony the Tiger’s catchphrase is a play on “Grrr…” Um, durrr. Grrr…eat is also how you feel after the sugar high of eating Frosted Flakes wears off. #hangry) vintage Honeycomb hidden tiger dress, $?, antique store? (Look close for the green eyes of the tigers lookin’ back at you). Ralph Lauren studded black suede & wood high-heeled mules – $5, Good Samaritan thrift store (MSRP $100).

“winter in the tropics (aka Antiques Coat Show)” outfit

This winter has been unseasonably warm. Not quite naked-outside-in-a-hammock warm but maybe oh-shit-is-this-global-warming? warm or there-would-be-no-balls-shrinking-in-this-polar-bear-plunge warm. Since I won’t be wearing these beautiful wool and fur creations in the wild anytime soon, I showed them off in the spare room I now call the “tropical oasis”—a nome de plumage stemming from the vintage illustrations on these custom-printed blinds I bought from Etsy-Greece. One shade covered the door in my recently-departed apartment. So I got it a companion palm so it wouldn’t feel all deserted-island up in here. The tropical illustrations are from Historia naturalis palmarum—an early 1800s triptych travelogue through Brazil and Peru by a German botanist—illustrated exotically. circa 1960s – no label except for Bolura: Exclusive Fabric from California cream long coat w/ fur collar. (whisper *exlusive*) Christmas gift from Ryan. Victoria’s Secret botanical nightgown w/ lace & pearl details, $5 – ReStyle (I washed it first, OK?) . circa 1970s? – no label black short textured wool coat w/ fake fur collar & cuff. I can’t remember where I got this (Antique World Mall?) but it was …