“Social distancing in Hell’s Gate” outfit


The view from my banda at Camp Carnelley’s.

As the entire world entered into a certain sort of hell while I am in Kenya on an ill-timed vacation, I decided to go to Hell’s Gate, a national park near Lake Naivasha. I figured the wilderness was the most social distancing I could achieve while on this fated trip.

Hell’s Gate has few predators, so you can bicycle through it alone. I passed by giraffe, zebra, warthogs, gorillas, and so many other extraordinary creatures great and small. Lake Naivasha is populated by hippos and thousands of birds. Paradise on earth. Even when the world goes to hell.


no-label tropical greenery swim top – $3 (came with bottoms, too), ReStyle thrift store | Jones New York bronze silk skirt – $4, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Spense white jacket with gold zip – $5, Savers thrift store (why I didn’t wear this during my bike in Hell’s Gate the next day where I got a wicked sunburn is beyond all comprehension) 

Cheep it in the wilderness.