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“Watermelon Sugar High Seas” outfit

When you buy a wicker watermelon clutch purse on the beaches of Isla Mujeres, make sure you pretend to eat it and spit out the seeds into the sand, so that when you later randomly pass a clutch of servers standing in front of a restaurant, they’ll mouth out your action and laugh. Making you a legend. A legend of the sandìa mime jokes.

When I quit my job 8 months ago, I wanted to travel for one week out of every month. Finally, this year, I am nailing all my goals. Travel-wise and client-wise and money-wise. I’m exhausted, frankly. And I’m learning to adjust to reality. And realize the value of routine and a sense of place.  

But I’m proud of myself. For going there. Over and over and over again. (Yes, this is my third trip to Mexico this year.)

I’m proud of myself that I woke up at 5:30 am to catch the sunrise and silence of this abandoned shell beach house on the south tip of the island. Especially after I failed to take one decent shot in 300 frustrating attempts the day before.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been one to immediately give up when I’m not perfect at something. “Live impeccably or die” – my motto, apparently.

This year, I try, try, try. Even when I’m bad at it the first time. Because I think Yoda was wrong. Between the do and the do not, there is only the try.

This go around, this next half of my life, I am not giving up on myself. I will make my dreams happen. Even if it’s hard. And sweaty. (That’s what she said.) And a total do-over.

I am remaking myself into my highest vision of myself (by making infinite adjustments as I go). Don’t believe me? Just watch.

geniune batik Keris cream empire waste cotton dress with black seaweed design made in Solo, Indonesia – $75, Blue Foot Vintage (aka my friend Danielle) | handmade wicker watermelon clutch – 500 pesos ($25), beaches of Isla Mujeres | black & cream sun hat – gift, my other friend Danielle | Steve Madden leather sandals – $3.99, ReStyle thrift store (that broke shortly after this from too much seawater and sand)

Cheep it to the (watermelon) core.