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“The Dunes are Alive” outfit

The Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert sing. Like Julie Andrews with less Astroturf. When you break off a swath of sandscape, it vibrates the entire dune in this guttural hum. Earth throat clearings.

Over 20 years ago, I camped on the side of this dune while on an “Into the Wild” style backpacking trip. More of an escape. Sand, everywhere. Coyotes, too. Another howl that cannot be captured by audio devices. The vague always lit vibe of Vegas haloing the mountains.

Dune side that night, I had a dream of an orange beetle. It broke open with a radiant white goo. Now I’m writing a novel adaptation of this stint in the desert. If not of the David Lynchian dream.

Strange and surreal, coming back here looking like you wear the sky with a backcountry sheepskin BDSM bodice. This place, already a sort of fiction in your mind. You, a sort of fiction, too.

Sage sky dress – $13, Savers in Las Vegas, NV | The Comstock Load sheepskin vest – $60, from a friend’s familial clothing inheritance | no label, made in Italy leather boots with fur trim – $30, Restyle thrift store

Cheep it to the place you remembered it last.