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Outfit of the Day: Dec. 29 10

Outfit of the Day - Amanda's 29th birthday.

Happy birthday Amanda Mae. Tonight: a casual evening out with friends, pizza and beer, as we celebrate the  waning days of one person’s 20s, and the waxing waistline of my own 30s.

This sweater is totally rad. (Yes, I was born in the 80s.) I bought it at Re-Style, a thrift department store run by Northwest Animal Companions. It took me awhile to sort the wheat from the chaff here, but the Cheep fashion finds were totally worth it. DKNY pants. Liz Clairborne jacket. A vintage navy blue polyester jumpsuit. Yes, please.

I bought this sweater because of an episode on Project Runway. One designer, Andy, did this fabric detail on the shoulder and arms of a dress that looked all warrior and hot. Fashion ideas comes from everywhere, see. Even reality TV.

The jeans have two zippers that angle down the pocket lines in the front. They have a 70s feel, and serve to hold in this gut that will need to be addressed as soon as the leftovers are gone. The belt is another daring act of battle of the bulge subterfuge.

Outfit Breakdown:

Warrior sweater: $3 (from Re-Style, no tag)

Lux jeans: $9.99 (original MSRP $98, from Urban Outfitters)

Accessories Breakdown:

Necklace: $7.50 (from Antique World Mall)

ABS belt: Free with Cheep dress

Frye Boots black clogs: $22 (original MSRP $160+, from LUX)

Total cost: $42.29 (Cheep! Especially when you consider half the cost comes from an absolutely smashing Cheep pair of boots from an American manufacturer creating foot fetish masterworks since the Civil War.)

Until next Cheep.

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