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Outfit of the Day: Dec. 30 10

Outfit of the Day - Re-Style display.

Today, I thought I’d showcase another look from Re-Style (the department thrift store run by Northwest Animal Companions) that would work well for work. It’s business/casual, baby.

Outfit Breakdown:

Liz Clairborne top: $2.50 (from Re-Style)

Maxime pants: $10 (from LUX)

Alfani jacket (picture 2): $6.99 (from Re-Style)

Accessories Breakdown:

Necklace: $7.50 (from Antique World Mall)

Frye Boots black clogs: $22 (original MSRP $160+, from LUX)

Total Cost: $48.99. Cheep!

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again, it is no easy task locating the Cheep finds in warehouse-sized thrift stores like Re-Style. That’s why I have 5 quick rules, almost like a Cheep checklist, that keeps me on the fast path.

1. Fabric. If it’s faded, or fugly, or polyester (for the most part), it’s dead to you. Nothing will save bad fabric. If you wear something faded, you look faded. Veto. I prefer cotton, wool, silk and other natural fibers.

2. Style. Is it fashionable? At least in some fashion? Does it fit your fashion word? (For the uninitiated, chose a word to sum up your own personal style. Examples: Mine is “classy.” Dan’s is “rockstar sophisticate.” Only buy clothes that fit this word.) I chose this top because of the little off-center gold button on the neckline that gives a little pop and circumstance to the shirt. Unbutton it, and you have an open-fronted shirt, and a bit more Mad Men rawwrrrrrr for work.

Outfit of the Day - now with jacket.

3. Brand. If it’s a solid high-end brand, you can usually count on good fabric, clean classic lines and longevity. And scoring some overpriced brand name at a ridiculous price is really a large part of the fun here.

4. Price. Put a price cap on every type of item in your wardrobe. Mine is under $5-10 for shirts. Under $15 for pants and jackets. Under $20 for dresses.

5. Fit. Seriously, try it on. And if anything is wrong with the fit, anything, just say no, even if all the other Cheep stars align. You won’t break out that sewing machine. You won’t lose that 5 pounds. The item will become a closet albatross that you’ll regret. The fit needs to be fabulous, or forgettaboudit.

This sorting process eventually becomes rapid fire so you can be all: “Nope-Veto-Fugly-Crap-Disgusting-Vomitous-Illadvised-Hideous-Hideous-Hideous-Whatthehell?-Cheep!”

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  1. Lisa B says

    Amazing as usual my Cheep,darling friend that I neva get to talk to enough. My own cheap chic today: Larry Levine black/white striped sailor pants $3.98 (Salvation Army), Jones NY Sport Red l/s t-shirt $1.99 (Vinnies Broadway), Mossimo Military style jacket $4.95 (Vinnies-Broadway), homemade jewelry (ElleBrady Designs) and the splurge, Red Dansko Maryjanes $90 (Soul Mates clearance) I LOVE CHEAP!!!

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