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Outfit of the Day: May 12, 2011

Idaho Business Review photoshoot.

Too legit to quit? Indeed.

Because this year, I am one of Idaho Business Review’s 40 Accomplished Under 40. I love it because my business name is “Jessica Holmes Copywriting” so it’s double billing. Cheap, Cheep!

So, they do this special color insert for the accomplished young guns. This year with both a headshot and full body pose. But fear not. Cheep is here.

My shoot was yesterday at the Knitting Factory. When I take photos for Cheep, I usually get about 20 to 30 complete ass-faced idiot looks to every 1 that will suffice I guess. So I’m hoping the photographer maintains a better click rate.

Outfit Breakdown:

Anna and Frank silk blouse $2 (from Restyle-10243 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704)

Morgan Taylor Studio Italian merino wool skirt $10 (from Saver’s-10475 West Fairview Avenue
Boise, ID 83704)

Leg Impressions tights, 2 for $2 (from Grocery Outlet-5544 West Fairview Avenue, Boise)

Outfit total: $13

Accessories Breakdown:

Armor Bijoux necklace: undisclosed

Tattoo: $100 (from Chalice Tattoo)

Jeffrey Cambell shoes: $60 (MSRP $120 from Piece Unique & Shoez)

Accessories total: $160

Regarding the outfit: Red looks great on me, and silk hangs and photographs beautifully. I look for silk one-tone, well-cut basics when thrift store shopping. Silk also makes a great sweat-wicking and warm-upping under-layer if you like to bike or be active and look hot instead of just hot.

This skirt is a new 100% “pure extra fine merino wool, with yarn imported from Italy” wrap-around, and came from Savers with the original tags. It’s beautiful and exquisite and a timeless closet basic and covers up my lumps and bumps. Even when awkwardly twisting around in a folding chair to smile towards the non-existent crowds while on the stage of the Knitting Factory.

Best of all, Restyle, Savers and a Youth Ranch are all in the same strip on Fairview. So three birds, one run.

Regarding the accessories: Overboard? Perhaps. But the tattoo is my business card ink pen bird (one of four) and will further my brand with every handshake and photograph. The necklace is a legacy piece supporting the fledgling and bad ass business of one of my closest friends, Bethany Walter. And the shoes are awesome.

Thanks to Kelly Lynae for the outfit tips and thrift store runs.

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