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Man Cheep with Dan, Sept. 22, 2011

Dan pretends to hate to Cheep. You just wait, Costello.

The story of Dan‘s girlfriend-enforced (that’s me) wardrobe transformation odyssey is too harrowing and cliff-hangery to go into now, but suffice it to say, whew. Man Cheep is not easy.

But now, I do nothing. Dan is, at heart, admit it goddammit, an instinctual, skillful and playful dresser.

I sometimes think it’s useful to define a sum-up phrase for yourself to help you easily sort through a wide array of styles and options. Dan’s phrase, after much deliberation, is “rockstar sophisticate.” It’s done us well.

So, as the ladies shopped at the Idaho Youth Ranch this weekend, Dan found some steals of his own, perfect for his rockstar lifestyle.

Outfit breakdown:

J. Rent Ltd.  jacket: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden, half-off orange tag sale. Custom tailored for Philip E. Batt according to the stiching. Dahmmmmn.)

Pyke Ltd. shirt: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden)

Natural Issue pants: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden. Doesn’t that brand sound like a bowel movement?)

Some sort of shoes that are probably straight-up Cheep.

Oh wait now who’s feeling like a rockstar? Sophisticate.

Total cost: $11.25

Secret #1 to Man Cheep:

Fit, not Tit.  Dan used to buy ridiculously oversized shirts and jackets. Yes, made for men with man titties.We’ve since learned that the shoulder seam should be no more than about a thumbs width away from the actual shoulder.

Bing. You’ve just been Man Cheeped. For the very first time.

Dan-dendum (courtesy of Dan’s repost of this on his Facebook which proves he loves fashion so, so much):

‎”I’m a model, you know what I mean — and I do my little turn on the cat-walk…”
Seriously, this was a smokin’ sexy outfit, down to the shoes, for a grand total of about $25.

Omissions from the story: Kangol hat, Buffalo Exchange in Burque NM, $6; Bass shoes, IYR on Orchard St. Boise ID, $7.50.

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  1. F. Jake Glotz says

    The suit is “J. Kent, ltd.” He is a talented tailor in Boise and a well dressed man in his own right. I’ve seen him in jeans one in 30 years. The suit was likely custom made for Governor Batt.

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