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Outfit of the Day: Sept. 23, 2011

Jumpsuit Friday. It’s a trend.

I love me a jumpsuit on a Friday. This gem (I mean check out those cufflinks), magically, is from the same Idaho Youth Ranch run we’ve been highlighting all week.

Today Dan and I were on Thomas Paul‘s exquise Radio Boise show for Story Story Night. I also need to ride my bike to work my ass off, quite literally. And then attend a birthday cocktail hour at the Gamekeeper. Then the grand opening of Pengilly’s with Jeremiah James. And then work my ass off again.

But you know what? A good jumpsuit makes it all happen, baby.

Outfit breakdown:

JR Nites by Caliendo jumpsuit: $3.75 (Idaho Youth Ranch-Chinden. I love these old brand names)

Accessories breakdown:

Black clutch: $10 (Renewal)

United Colors of Benetton green suede belt: $0.99 (ReStyle-Orchard + Overland)

Steve Madden green suede kitten heels: $20 (Ross Dress for Less)

Armor Bijoux epic necklace: undisclosed

Total cost: $34.74

Cheep sauce.

2 Quick Tips:

1-Renewal has a rack of clutches by their cash register they sell for about $10-$12 or less. They are typically awesomely clasped, and sometimes come with mirrors and combs and vintagey radness in the inside pockets.

2-If you have short and stubby legs and a long torso like me, high waisted pants can lengthen your whole body. It’s a surprise, and a delight.

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