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“The Sherbs” outfit

2160327318235307103dTRefRcYes, this outfit is named after the 1989 Tom Hanks movie, The ‘Burbs, if instead of a cult thriller it was more of an acid trip to the sorbet joint.

The mouth-puckering pink skirt is from ReStyle. The silky floral tank top (that, not to be a boob or anything, I found in the lingerie section) is from the Idaho Youth Ranch. They both cost like $4.

The genuine leather purple suede belt is from ReStyle for $2.95, (exact price verified as I never took off the yellow sticker). The BCBG purple suede platform shoes are from some department store when I used to go to those and were on sale but still probably cost $40 or something. I could fact check this, but I would much rather eat sherbet while on an imaginary date with Tom Hanks from the ’80s.

SAM_3711Vinyl of the Day: The Pink Panther.


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