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“The future is unwritten” outfit

12183003_10156226551880298_1350767914159611364_oDuring our tour of Rauschenberg’s Captiva compound, I took a lopsided picture of this print on the wall of one of the Studios. “The future is unwritten,” it said. To say everything unsaid.

This is the white hut where the writers go to write. This is the white path made of tiny white shells that leads to the hut where the writers go to write. It is all light. And all white. Except the inside. That is dark rich wood. That smells of cedar. Inside, there is a desk for you to write. A green chair to sit. To sweat it out into the white.


Lauren Conrad flower print top $3.75 Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store  (I accidentally broke this top because I used it as an impromptu swim suit, then skinny dipped in a bioluminescent plankton glow high, and put it on rather hastily. Salty tears.)  | Bill Blass Sport hot pink button up top $7 – Bend, OR Goodwill | Official Boy Scout green cargo shorts with gold snaps and gold studs lining the pockets, $12, LUX Fashion Lounge) | Kenneth Cole strappy platforms, $7, Serendipity Boutique

Rauschenberg legacy project of the day: Shepard Fairey (the same artist who did Barack Obama’s famous HOPE poster), “The Future is Unwritten,” First Robert Rauschenberg Foundation ‘artist as activist’ project to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless.


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