“Bicycle Race!” outfit

b624e70b8a4146b59c640d2a0a43c95cBetter hold on to your handlebars. Tonight, I co-hosted/creative directed—alongside the inimitable Boise Bicycle Project rock-star Jimmy Hallyburton—”I want to ride my bicycle! Stories on two pedals“—a special storytelling show inspired by Queen, Boise’s elite Car for Bike traders, and the freedom of free-wheeling stories that come from putting the pedal to the mettle. Time after time.

Cheep_BicycleRaceAmbiance Apparel sheer black & rose print tank – $3.75, ReStyle thrift story | Step In Style pink & black art deco-ish dress – $35, Eyes of the World | Black & gold arrow banded belt – $0.94, ReStyle13700207_10153837255469001_5512196324440798639_n thrift store, DKNY platform wedges – $20, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | 1920’s Afghanistani silver and colored glass necklace – $350, Armor Bijoux vintage jewelry dealer

Vinyl of the Day: “A Day at the Races” by Queen