“Cosmic Connections” outfit

2-orion-nebulaIf I made a dating app, I would call it Cosmic Connections. It would be designed with vintage 1992 graphics and the spokesperson would be Aunt Cleo. If you swipe up, she’d pop up like a soothsayer Carl Sagan with a shot from outer space, as if to say, “the universe is infinite and we all be stardust, so don’t you worry man.” Dating reality check. Thanks Aunt Cleo.

Anyway, I realized when I joined Tinder for a brief spell (review: You feel like the Bachelorette for several weeks, until, after several elimination rose ceremonies, you realize most of the guys there are just as douchey as most of the guys on the Bachelorette), that I had no actual outfits to wear on dates that didn’t send up immediate weirdo red flags. So this is my version of a date dress. It’s like, so cosmic man. (And like “normal,” right? Right? Riiiiight…).


Jonathan Martin cosmic stripes on black print wrap dress – $8, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Damiani (made in Italy) bronze & gold sandals, $5, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store