“Becky with the Good Hair” outfit

Kinkbeyonce-lemonadey hair, don’t care. I found this Rachel Roy dress at a thrift store this Sunday, and all I could think of was that buzz when Beyonce’s affair-anthem “Lemonade” came out—circling around the sexy fashion designer, an ill-fated Instagram, and an onslaught of bee and lemon emojis.

Then, for the following 3 days, the line “Better call Becky with the good hair” has been playing on repeat in my subconscious. It’s like mental water torture. Juicy dress, though.

Cheep_070916Rachel Roy coral & black banded dress – $8, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Kate Spade nude wedges with gold studded bow – $70, ROSS Dress for Less in Portland (originally $300)

Cheep_080916catFree bonus Opal sighting.

Cheep it up.