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“Japanese silkscreen” outfit

Now this paints a pretty picture. Carole Little Japanese flower print vest (it’s rayon and acetate, not actually silk you guys, so I really pulled one over with the title) – $0.99 (sale!), ReStyle thrift store | Vivienne Westwood red skirt – $20, Lux Fashion Lounge | Guess black patent leather with gold buckle stilettos – $11, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | red polka dot fan – Gift bag – Atomic Treasures (received for judging this year’s Boise’s Funniest Person competition) Vinyl of the day: “So Runs the World Away” by Josh Ritter Cheep!

“Luxe at the Lux” outfit

I rarely feel overdressed, but last night at the Neurolux, it occurred to me that maybe this silk wonder is a bit much. And then, I draped myself over their pool table. I’ll do anything for fashion. Especially risk being too luxe. Exquisite photographs by the multi-dimensional, multi-talented Kim Philley. Pool-table guest appearance by Xtopher Web. vintage Doreen: Handtailored in Thailand The Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangkok (I wrote that exactly as presented on tag. Now that’s fancy.) multi-dimensional pink & orange silk print dress  – $24 @ 25% off sale = $18, Antique World Mall | Steiger navy leather blue heels with brass eyelets – $7, ReStyle Cheep!

“Criss-cross applesauce” outfit

Saucy. ($2 dollar special.) Moda International black silk wrap tank, $1 (sale) – ReStyle thrift store | DKNY two-tone tan/black pants, $1 (sale) – ReStyle thrift store |  Banana Republic twisted black and tan leather slip-on heels, $4, Gold Mine thrift store (Ketchum, ID) Cheep!

“Kool” outfit

 Too kool for school. Like an existential model, I had this Gwendolyn Brooks poem in my mind during this whole self-examined photoshoot, because I’m so cool you guys. We real cool. We / Left school. We / Lurk late. We / Strike straight. We / Sing sin. We / Thin gin. We / Jazz June. We / Die soon. boutique castoff Lush teal green tank, $3.75, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Ralph Lauren Jeans Co. faded black denim – $1 (sale), ReStyle thrift store | Banana Republic twisted black and tan leather slip-on heels, $4, Gold Mine thrift store (Ketchum, ID) Rolling with the Holmies. (Groans. Revokes cool card.) Cheep it up.

“Bronze Metalist” outfit

I’m a real metal winner. (Mettle, too.) (Just no medals.) Hawaiian Moon sage green silk dress – gifted & thrifted | vintage Carmelton bronze sheer party top (made in USA) – $1, ReStyle thrift store  | Cindy Says green-gold hells, Piece Unique, $I can’t remember but they were half off  Cheep!

“No white flags after Labor Day” outfit

This is the first, and probably the last, time I’ll ever wear this hard-to-match orange-y knit top, these wonky over-sized, white pants. But with thrift store shopping, there’s zero buyer’s remorse when you make a mistake. You basically give a donation to a nonprofit for real good stuff. Then you make killer $7 outfits out of it. And when you’re done, you just “release it back into the stream,” as I call re-donating, like a down-home preacher would speak of a soul at a funeral. Real life is not so cut and dry. Your choices much more complex and layered. The missteps much more costly. But at least, every single day is another shot at a new outfit.Fiets Voor 2 orange creamsicle knit top, $3.75, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Izod of London white pants, $5, ReStyle thrift store | Cindy Says green-gold hells, Piece Unique, $I can’t remember but they were half off  Cheep it up.

“All that glitters” outfit

Sequins. Once to me the very definition of standout, of stage wear, of sexy. For all seasons. Lately, I’ve been staring at the thick of sequins in my closet, wondering, “Where did that girl go?” Lately, my tastes run a bit more up close and personal. To catch the gleam of the gold threading in the white flowers of this lace. To see the iridescent sheen of the transparent beads on this Christian Dior belt. To see earrings made of cotton candy pink enamel and gold dragonfly wings. I suppose I no longer want to demand—glittery style-wise—people to look at me. I want to draw them in. Or just amuse myself, alone. Liz Claiborne gold threaded lace top – $1 (sale), ReStyle thrift store | vintage Christian Dior iridescent beaded belt – $5, Repeat Boutique consignment store | vintage Pride & Joy blush rose pants (made in U.S.A.) – $1 (sale), ReStyle thrift store | Damiani (made in Italy) bronze & gold sandals, $5, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store Cheep, cheep.

“Tenenbaum Tennis, Anyone?” outfit

In honor of the Olympics, I wear the outfit most closely resembling any sort of sporting thing. Apparently, my only reference point seems to be the tennis scenes from The Royal Tenenbaums. Suffice it to say, perhaps I am not an athlete. But I know how to sport a look. Buttons orange & black striped white tennis dress – $5, Idaho Youth Ranch | Recycled rubber, cable & wood black studded biker bag – $7, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Guess black patent leather with gold buckle stilettos – $11, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store Cheep it up, Olympians.

“Becky with the Good Hair” outfit

Kinky hair, don’t care. I found this Rachel Roy dress at a thrift store this Sunday, and all I could think of was that buzz when Beyonce’s affair-anthem “Lemonade” came out—circling around the sexy fashion designer, an ill-fated Instagram, and an onslaught of bee and lemon emojis. Then, for the following 3 days, the line “Better call Becky with the good hair” has been playing on repeat in my subconscious. It’s like mental water torture. Juicy dress, though. Rachel Roy coral & black banded dress – $8, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Kate Spade nude wedges with gold studded bow – $70, ROSS Dress for Less in Portland (originally $300) Free bonus Opal sighting. Cheep it up.

“Cosmic Connections” outfit

If I made a dating app, I would call it Cosmic Connections. It would be designed with vintage 1992 graphics and the spokesperson would be Aunt Cleo. If you swipe up, she’d pop up like a soothsayer Carl Sagan with a shot from outer space, as if to say, “the universe is infinite and we all be stardust, so don’t you worry man.” Dating reality check. Thanks Aunt Cleo. Anyway, I realized when I joined Tinder for a brief spell (review: You feel like the Bachelorette for several weeks, until, after several elimination rose ceremonies, you realize most of the guys there are just as douchey as most of the guys on the Bachelorette), that I had no actual outfits to wear on dates that didn’t send up immediate weirdo red flags. So this is my version of a date dress. It’s like, so cosmic man. (And like “normal,” right? Right? Riiiiight…). Jonathan Martin cosmic stripes on black print wrap dress – $8, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | Damiani (made in Italy) bronze & gold sandals, $5, Idaho Youth Ranch …