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“Pilgrim’s progress” outfit

“From This World to That Which Is to Come; Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream” – subhead of Pilgrim’s Progress Why is it—with all our privileged pilgrim’s progress and all our fever dreams of thanksgiving—that we always have to look back, repeating, “What have we done?” vintage, label cut off sheer tan & pink tie-collar peacock dress – $35, Pursuing Andie online vintage boutique | vintage Lorraine bright pink petticoat – $3, ReStyle thrift store | Minnetonka studded leather boots, some gift shop place in the deserts of Utah (last season sale), $30 Vinyl of the day: Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan Cheep, all you pilgrims.

“I voted” outfit

I’m sure it’s not easy growing up as any type of human, or lifeform for that matter, but evolving as a woman is a real mindfuck. A real onion of a mindfuck that only reveals itself over time through the tear-stinging process of peeling off—layer by layer—the stink of utter societal and historical bullshit, already seeping through your skin. Though probably somewhere in the deep internet of my brain, it blew my mind anew that women were only “granted” the right to vote in this country in 1920. #seriouslywhatthefucketyfuckingfuck! I voted this year so teary-eyed grateful for all the daring suffragettes like Susan B. Anthony. And to all the women throughout time—especially in this last 96 years in the US—who kept pushing forward in the face of a roar of disdain, dismissiveness, derision. To bring me, us, here. Today. “Now they’re gonna hear me roar,” Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton would say. You go girl. (Hopefully as I am currently freaking the fuck out.) vintage Liz Claiborne white tuxedo jacket w/ “I voted” sticker, $1 (sale) – ReStyle thrift store | Forever 21 …

“Hard rain” outfit

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature today. I squealed like a schoolgirl at a Beatles concert. Or I should say, a Bob Dylan concert. I love Bob Dylan. I first saw him at 18 with my dad & he hit lit something on fire in me—with that nasal voice, those brilliant lyrics, that effortless scathing genius. I took him into my subconscious & into the wilderness. I wrote college papers comparing his writing to Walt Whitman’s. I memorized the battle-rap-like lyrics of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” on a long daily commute from the cow-dung hell of Caldwell to the corporate hell of DirecTV.  I soundtracked my last break-up with Blood on the Tracks & Blonde on Blonde. Thanks & cheers to you, Bob Dylan, the true love of mine. Oh, what’ll you do now, my blue-eyed son? Oh, what’ll you do now, my darling young one? I’m a-goin’ back out ’fore the rain starts a-fallin’ I’ll walk to the depths of the deepest black forest Where the people are many and their hands are all empty Where the pellets of poison …

“Last gasp” outfit

Fill this in like a mad libs. Last gasp of: ____. Fall colors. Summer blossom dresses. Our democracy? Alice Polynesian Fashions orange & pink blossom print cotton dress – $7-$15, I can’t remember if this is from a yard sale or thrift store | Chia orange leather Victorian bomber jacket – $7.99 Serendipity Boutique vintage 1980s? Made in Korea | Frye ‘Sacha Moto’ black leather shootie – $100 (MSRP: $278), Bombshell Salon‘s Head to Boots Fall Make-Up Event Cheep, cheep.

“Mom jeans without a cause” outfit

With a rebel yell, they cry, no more because you’ll spoil your appetite. Pleione black w/ gold & white diamond print ruffle blouse – $5, Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale (c/o the fabulous Danielle Hurd) | Twins Leather Collection (TLC) half mom-jean / half black-leather high-waisted pant – $8.50 (originally $16.99), LUX Fashion Lounge | Frye ‘Sacha Moto’ black leather shootie – $100 (MSRP: $278), Bombshell Salon‘s Head to Boots Fall Make-Up Event | cream w/ black polka dot print silk head scarf – $2, ReStyle thrift store Cheep! Because the early bird gets the worm. Now listen to your mother.

“Day at the Regatta” outfit

Outfit names just come to me like saintly voices to Joan of Arc. I have no choice. I do my duty—and take the designations as they come. Day at the regatta.* It sounded so yachting. So seaside seersucker East Coast-y. So gimlets** on the dock, bwah-haw-haw-ty. So then I googled it, and the image spread was somewhere between the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and Girls Gone Wild. I guess regattas aren’t as classy as they used to be. vintage I. Magnin & Co. buttoned up striped dress – $20, Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale – previously sported by Boise artist Erin Cunningham (I fashion blogged about her!) | Enamel blue flame earrings – Gift, Cuba via my smuggler/friend Jeff Cramer | Steiger navy leather blue heels with brass eyelets – $7, ReStyle On side table: vintage navy leather clutch – $8, Super Fantastic Triple Yard Sale – previously sported by Danielle Hurd | Nine West cream sunglasses – Free, In Retrospect b/c they were in the lost & found bin for more than a month and I’m crafty as fuck Word guide for non-classy types: * Regatta: a sporting …

“Japanese silkscreen” outfit

Now this paints a pretty picture. Carole Little Japanese flower print vest (it’s rayon and acetate, not actually silk you guys, so I really pulled one over with the title) – $0.99 (sale!), ReStyle thrift store | Vivienne Westwood red skirt – $20, Lux Fashion Lounge | Guess black patent leather with gold buckle stilettos – $11, Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store | red polka dot fan – Gift bag – Atomic Treasures (received for judging this year’s Boise’s Funniest Person competition) Vinyl of the day: “So Runs the World Away” by Josh Ritter Cheep!